Pink Lady Apples – Spotlight Fruit

Pink Lady Apples – Spotlight Fruit

Best looking apple around…

An Australian innovation under the ‘Cripps Pink’ apple variety comes the best of the Golden Delicious and Williams Lady, the crisp, super sweet Pink Lady.

Spotting a Pink Lady

• Background colour is yellow/orange with a red/pink blush.

• Traditional pink ladies are juicy, smooth skinned, crunchy in texture and are perfectly snackable in size.

A Pink Lady is quite the catch

• Best suited to eating fresh, Pink Ladies skin is particularly high in fibre.

• The Pink Lady’s rosy pigmentation provides rich antioxidant properties, neutralizing your cells from free radicals.
• Providing almost a quarter of your daily intake needs of vitamin C


• Apples always store best in the fridge to retain antioxidant capacity
• Store away from beans and tomatoes


GRATE: Over a warming bowl of porridge adding cinnamon to taste.

SAUTÉ: Toss together chopped sweet apples, tart Brussel sprouts, and salty bacon in a pan for a fast side to any meat dish.

CRUNCH: Chunks of apple with a smear of peanut or almond butter for a quick snack on the go.


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