5 Tips to ensure your Pork Belly Cracks

5 Tips to ensure your Pork Belly Cracks

Who doesn’t love pork crackling?

5 Tips to ensure your Pork Belly cracks

  • Sharper the better: Score the skin very well with sharp knife, we suggest 1-2cm intervals
  • It’s all about the Salt; Use rock salt, plenty of it and rub into the scores and skin. FOR THIS METHOD, DO NOT USE ANY OIL OR LIQUID ON THE SKIN
  • Size matters: Use a portioned piece of meat i.e. 500g, even if cooking 2kg get it cut 4 even pieces.

  • Practice makes perfect: Get the method right for your oven, unfortunately, it’s not one size fits all, every oven has slightly different heat distribution. So write your times down of how long each step took for the portion size.
  • Turn it up: Heat is key, get the oven to 240c then place pork in for a blast period this varies based on the size of the meat, for 1KG we suggest 30-40 minutes (Skin needs to be well blistered, before reducing the heat). Then reduce the heat to 180c until cooked through.
  • Heat, Wait, Crackle, Repeat: If the crackling is not quite there and the meat is cooked through, crank the oven back to 240c and let it go for a few minutes until the skin is blistered all over.



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