5 Simple Ways to Minimise Food Wastage

5 Simple Ways to Minimise Food Wastage

In Australia, we waste up to 30 percent of the food we purchase. In NSW alone, the average household wastes up to 315 kg’s of food a year, at a cost of just over $1,000. That’s a HUGE waste of money, not to mention the damage it causes the environment. For more Food Waste Facts visit War on Waste.

Much of the food wastage comes from simply buying too much or inadequate planning. To reduce the amount you throw away you can easily put these simple steps into practice at home;


Before you shop, check what’s in your fridge and plan your next meals around what needs to be eaten. Thinking about what you will eat for the week will help you buy only what you need – minimising wastage and saving you money.


This sounds simple but is one of the most important things you can do. Buy produce only in quantities you will use and not in bulk. A saving isn’t saved if the food is not actually eaten. Shopping online with Delish Deliveries allows you to have control over how much you purchase and remove any temptations that might make their way into your trolley at the checkout. Online shopping is also a great way to stay within your weekly budget by having access to the final total each time you add something to your cart.


Storing your produce in the right place is going to have a huge impact on the lifespan. It’s often surprising to most people learning what kind of fruit and vegetables are best kept at room temperature vs the refrigerator. To find out more information download this easy storage guide here.


I will be honest that more often than not I stare into the fridge and think we have nothing to eat. My creative mind doesn’t flourish from simply raw ingredients. Jaeger has a talent for making a meal with the so-called ingredients left in the fridge, and manages to make it taste good too! Set yourself a goal to cook with everything in your fridge and you’ll be surprised as to what you can create. Struggling for inspiration? Browse our online recipes here.


Out of sight out of mind. If you have managed to forget about something in the fridge then chances are it’s not good enough to eat anymore. Keep things neat and tidy,  follow a “first in” “first out” practice moving the older produce to the front of the fridge to be enjoyed first.

Putting these 5 simple steps into play will help you save money, time and the most important reduce your food wastage. We encourage you to trial this at home.

Each week OzHarvest drop by the Delish warehouse to collect boxes of fresh produce that would otherwise go to waste. Produce that might resemble a slight imperfection, but is still perfectly fine to eat – Delicious might I add! We would like to say a BIG thank you for rescuing our food to help Australians in need. A great initiative we are very proud to be part of.


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