The Perfect Red Tomato

The Perfect Red Tomato

RED.. Is energising, excites the emotions and motivates us to take actions.

It’s also the colour of a perfectly ripe tomato.

Pre-packaged store bought tomatoes are often orange or a light salmon pink. What they lack in colour they also lack in flavour.

Nothing tastes like a fresh tomato! Picking tomatoes at the right time means you will get a fantastic flavour. Fully ripened fruit tastes much better than fruit picked early. Once a tomato is picked, it is cut off from its main oxygen source. Its sugars are now processed without a steady supply of oxygen and are converted into compounds that promote decay — ketones, aldehydes, and alcohols. Sugar decay impacts taste. Tomatoes simply won’t taste as good as those picked in their prime.

How to choose: Select tomatoes that are deeply coloured and firm enough, with a little give. Sniff all tomatoes if you can. If they’re missing that sweet, woody smell, leave them behind.

Next time you are in the supermarket take a good look at the tomatoes, are they up to your standard?
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