The Fresh Local Produce Market Report Delivered by Jaeger 14.3.17

The Fresh Local Produce Market Report Delivered by Jaeger 14.3.17


Buying in season isn’t a month to month thing, it is driven by growing conditions every day. Each week I chat with our growers, view the weather forecast and scour the markets to find Sydney’s best produce; driven by quality, taste and value for the upcoming week.

These tips should help you in your weekly shop regardless if you buy from Delish Deliveries or not. Fresh produce should be purchased based on what’s growing the best in the local conditions. Generally, these items are also the best value for money as good conditions mean high yielding crops! We suggest using these tips to guide you through your weekly grocery shop. Sticking to a weekly shopping budget can be difficult with the temptation in your local supermarket, but buying seasonal produce will ensure better quality and more bang for your buck. Saving you time and money!


Figs, Strawberries, Grapes, Plums, Pears & Nectarines.

Pears are arriving in force this week; Fresh Paradise Pears, Bosc Pears, Nashi Pears and Packham pears. 

Figs supply is excellent as are the prices. Figs are great in salads, jams, cheese plates, fruit plates or try our Pork Cutlet & Fig Jam Recipe.

Apples – this time of year remember to store apples in the fridge to get the most out of them. Storing in the fridge will keep them crisp, white and crunchy.


Cauliflower, Carrot, Sweet Potato, Avocado,


Tomatoes: Gourmet Tomato supply has improved slightly, prices are still firm. Truss, Cherry and Grape tomato supply are low and prices are firm.


Fish of the week is Coral Coast Barramundi, an awesome clean white fillet. Great steamed, baked, grilled or BBQ’d. See our Barramundi Pasta recipe. 

Clarence River Baby Octopus is in season and excellent quality.

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