Are you buying imported Oranges?

Are you buying imported Oranges?

Don’t be fooled by the good looks of a Navel orange…. In the warmer months, they are imported! 

If you love an orange that is completely orange in colour, then you love Navel Oranges. The thing is Navel Oranges are not grown in Australia all year round. From November to May we grow a Valencia Orange. They are the ugly Step-sister of Navel Oranges. Valencia’s are known for the green tinge they have on the skin, they have a different flavour to a Navel orange, but they are full of juice. Juice companies prefer the Valencia orange because of this reason.

The fact is when you opt for Navel Orange that is imported, they are coming from Egypt, USA, Israel and a few other countries from around the globe. This is damaging the local Citrus industry, it has a two-prong effect it reduces the price that farmers can achieve from their local Valencia crops in the summer citrus season and it also damages the Navel season. Due to foreign imports, consumers become accustomed to purchasing Navel Oranges all year round, meaning they have less value when they are truly in season in Australia…..

Help the farmers by choosing local citrus. The upside is Local Navels will be starting in the coming weeks and the GOOD NEWS for those of you who have been shopping with Delish, you have only been consuming Valencia’s, therefore helping the Australian citrus farmers! THANK YOU


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