3 Reasons for a Health School Fundraiser – Groceries that Give Back

3 Reasons for a Health School Fundraiser – Groceries that Give Back

3 Reasons for a Healthy School Fundraiser

  1. Raise money for the community while encouraging health and wellbeing.
  2. Show the community you care about the children’s health not just profit alone.
  3. Involve the whole community (students, parents, teachers, coaches and other staff).


If you would like to make a difference in your community register your interest here.

The Hard Truth

Let’s just be real for a minute. Australia is facing an epidemic of obese and overweight children, and we (the grown-ups) need to do something about it! We are all guilty of complaining about the lack of healthy options served in canteens, but why do we welcome home the chocolate box fundraiser each year?

I’ll tell you why, because big corporations have spent a lot of time and money into making these drives the easiest option for most fundraising committees.

This has been done for years and the support tools available to make your fundraiser a success is next to none… But when did community fundraising become more about the profit than our health?

If you had the opportunity to raise money just by doing your groceries, would you embrace it? If this meant your kids were exposed to a fun environment encouraging them to trial and consume more vegetables, would you say no? Don’t forget these are the same kids we nag each night to eat their vegetables, the kids we hope will eat the fruit packed in their lunch box each day. They are led by example.

We happily pay the money and tell ourselves it’s ok to eat the entire box of chocolates each year because it’s going to a good cause. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy a delicious treat every so often, but does anyone ever really need a whole box of chocolate or lollies at home?

If you’re part of a community, fundraising is one of those things that unfortunately you can’t escape, but if you have to get behind something wouldn’t you prefer not to line the pockets of some multi-national company?

Groceries that Give Back 

This is when I tell you that it’s possible to raise money, support a local business and promote healthy eating without families having to put in any extra effort…. How good!

Everyone does the groceries, right? By doing your shopping online with Delish you can raise money for the community. That’s right you can do your groceries from the comfort of your couch, in your pyjamas and watch your fundraising goals soar. Introducing, Groceries that Give Back!

All produce is bought fresh and delivered to your door within 24 hours of purchase from Sydney Markets and delivery is, wait for it… ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

You can’t tell me those horrid lines at the supermarket Sunday afternoon is something anyone actually enjoys…

Not only will this make your lives easier, but every $$ spent with Delish Deliveries equates to money directly back to the fundraising committee. We have made this so simple, that even the busiest families can’t complain! 

The best part is that not only do your Groceries give back to the community but to the Australian farming Industry and Small Business owners like Jaeger and Myself.

Make a difference in your community register your interest now.

This fundraiser works in conjunction with our Try it Tuesday healthy eating initiative. 


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