Skip the Supermarkets and Support Local Farmers

Skip the Supermarkets and Support Local Farmers


Many people think that getting food delivered fresh to their door is a luxury and expensive. But that’s simply not true – or at least it doesn’t have to be! 

We work very hard at being comparably priced. Each week we compare our prices with the major supermarkets to ensure we offer great value as well as great produce. Combine that with the convenience of our free delivery, it becomes a no-brainer.

We never declare that we will always be cheaper… Why?

Because our primary focus is on providing a service that excites Aussie homes with FRESH LOCALLY PICKED produce that is selected daily based on FLAVOUR. If it tastes great you will eat it, your family will love it and homes fed by Delish will be happy and healthy! Besides we believe in paying a fair price for all involved, especially to our dedicated farmers and growers.

Below is a basket of the most popular items this week, each week we strive to be comparable in prices with the major supermarkets, we select our top selling basket and compare them, this week we did a bloody good job. As you can see the value stacks up?


So the real question is can you afford NOT to get your groceries delivered? If you want delicious, healthy, affordable groceries delivered to your door while avoiding the temptations the supermarkets are so good at exploiting you with the choice should be obvious.

Better produce, better value…. Try us out today  

Product Name Qty
Potatoes Desiree KG 1
Onion Brown Each 1
Carrot KG 1
Sweet Potato Baby (500g) 1
Bok Choy (Baby) – Bunch 1
Tomatoes Roma Each 3
Broccoli Each 1
Brussel Sprouts 300g NEW SEASON 2
Green Beans 250g 1
Baby Spinach 120g 1
Local Wild Garlic 1
Capsicum Red 1
Chilli Red Long Each 1
Apple Pink Lady (Rosy Glow) Each 6
Banana (Eat Now) Each 5
Pear Green Each 3
Mandarin Imperial Each 5
Passionfruit TANGO Large Each 2
Organic Orange Navel KG 1
Kiwi Fruit Golden Medium Each 4
Apple Granny Smith Each 2
Rockmelon Whole LARGE Each 1
Chicken Breast Free Range KG 1
Delish price  $75.05
Delivery Fee  $    –  
Total cost  $75.05
Major supermarket starting with W  $75.96
Delivery Fee  $11.00
Total cost w/delivery  $86.96
Difference with delivery 14%
Difference without delivery 1%


*Prices were taken from a supermarket starting with W on 19/7/2018 at 11:29am.


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