We understand you might be hesitant to place your first order, especially if you’ve never shopped online before.

We would like to share with you what some of our weekly customers say about Delish. Also a price comparison at the bottom of the post so you can see how we compare to the major supermarkets. 


The quality of delish fruit, veggies, meat and seafood is amazing. I couldn’t pick better myself. I was a long time customer of Aussie Farmers and love what Jaeger, Claire and their team are delivering. Also really pleased that the dairy range is expanding. You are champions!”

Mary-Ann Prochowski (Padstow)


I love your passion about food. We love our orders. My husband and I are vegetarians and love the fresh fruit and veg. We supported Aussie Farmers for many years and were so upset when they stopped. We were glad to have found Delish and I must tell you that we are thrilled with the produce. Thank you for everything”  Rose & Graham Rowlson  (Mortdale)


Superb! The freshest fruit, perfect prawns, and all delivered to our door at the busiest time of the year. Thank you Delish Deliveries for making my daughter’s 21st birthday party and our Christmas celebrations such a feast!

Rob Howell (Woollahra)


We never declare that we will always be cheaper… Why?

Because our primary focus is on produce that is selected daily based on FLAVOUR

Below is a basket of the most popular items this week, each week we strive to be comparable in prices with the major supermarkets, we select our top selling basket and compare them, this week we did a bloody good job. As you can see the value stacks up!


Product Name QTY
Potatoes Royal Blue KG 1
Onion Brown Each 1
Carrot KILOGRAM Bag 1
Sweet Potato Baby 500g 1
Tomatoes Truss (bunch 4-6) 1
Cabbage Red Half 1
Avocado (Eat Now) Each 1
Cucumber Lebanese Each 2
Zucchini (each) 2
Lettuce – Mixed Loose Leaf 120g 1
Sugar snap peas 200g 1
Shallot (half Bunch) 1
Bok Choy (Baby) – Bunch 1
Apple Pink Lady (Rosy Glow) Each 5
Banana (Eat Now) Each 5
Mango KP Each 2
Peach – Yellow Each 4
Nectarine White Each 3
Watermelon Seedless Half 1
Free Range Chicken Tenderloins 500g 2
Delish price  $ 73.06
Delivery Fee  $   –  
Total cost  $ 73.06
Major supermarket W  $ 75.28
Delivery Fee  $ 11.00
Total cost w/delivery  $ 86.28
Difference with delivery 15%
Difference without delivery 3%


Better produce, better value…. Try us out today  


*Prices were taken from a supermarket starting with W on 03/01/2019 at 12:36 pm


Every delivery arrives incredibly fresh and is of excellent quality. We also find the produce keeps for much longer as opposed to when bought at supermarkets. I like that Delish also try to reduce plastic and packaging where possible too. Very happy customers” 

Bec Kelly (Sutherland)

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