Meet Maria – Meal Plan & Nutrition Coach

Meet Maria – Meal Plan & Nutrition Coach


We are very excited to introduce you to Maria our in- house nutrition and meal plan coach. 

Whether you’re focused on weight-loss, maintenance or simply just after some inspiration on what to cook for dinner each night. Maria has the knowledge and the tools to help make your life easier and get the most out of doing your groceries online with Delish! 

Being a mother of two she understands the importance of keeping things simple, but Delish. She believes in a balanced approach to her foods which doesn’t mean restricting the things she loves!


Just imagine not having to battle those crowds at the supermarket on Sunday afternoon and have all your fresh produce delivered free to your door!

So you can get to know her a little better we asked her a few questions;

  • What is your favourite fruit and why?
    • Berries! Mostly blackberries and mulberries. They’re delicious and versatile, with cold yoghurt or warm porridge, or even as a snack.
  • What is your favourite veg and why?
    • Leafy asian veggies – My mum used to cook them with oyster sauce and plain rice for me when I was a kid. It was my favourite.
  • Favourite family meal?
    • PASTA! We love pasta in my house. It’s the perfect dish to add loads of veggies in too for the kids. I always add carrot, celery, zucchini, baby spinach and sometimes mushrooms when I have them in the fridge. And we usually have spelt or pulse pastas (made from legumes) for that added bonus of goodness.
  • Why did you get into nutrition?
    • Because I love food and staying fit. When you eat good you feel good. I didn’t realise how much I loved it until I was 25. Even though in high school my electives were PDHPE, Food tech and Hospitality. I find cooking really therapeutic. I’m not much of a recipe person but I do love recipe books for ideas. Having 2 young children too has made me realise how important it is to make sure they are getting as many fruits and vegetables in their diet from an early age.
  • Favourite sport and why?
    • Boxing without a doubt. I love that I am forever learning new combos and fixing technique. I’m always trying to improve myself each session. Some people enjoy yoga to unwind and relax, and boxing is just that for me. You don’t really have any time to think about anything other than, so for me it’s zoning out from anything other than what I am doing right then in that session.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your consult with Maria today!

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