Our Year in Review 2019

Our Year in Review 2019

I think it’s important to take the time to reflect on the year that was. To celebrate all achievements big or small, to understand what needs improvement and to praise those who made it happen!

Like most things, I will start from the beginning.

On Christmas Day Jaeger and I announced to our family that we were expecting our first Delicious little baby due in August.

We closed for a short break after the crazy Christmas rush and were back on-board early Jan, eager to get the year started.

Jan 2019 started with a bang and set the tone for a great year for Delish.

In February we kicked off the annual 6-week challenge with our good friends at Tribe Social Fitness. We love sharing our passion for healthy eating with the like-minded members of Tribe and the support from the Trainers and Mark is always next to none. 

March marked 1 whole year since the Aussie Farmers gang joined the Delish family and we have enjoyed getting to know them. We are so lucky to have such genuine, loyal families who really care about supporting our Aussie Farming Industry. Thank you for trusting Delish with your groceries.

In June we expanded our product range to include some pre-marinated meats and pre-cut salad mixes. With our first baby on the way we understood the importance of convenient, healthy meals and we look forward to launching more of these products in 2020.

In July we came cross a cry for help when Amy Gerard posted on Instagram a very hilarious comparison to her terrible experience at Woolies 7 months pregnant with her two young kids and we knew we could make her grocery experience far more enjoyable. We gifted her an order and told her not to worry we had her back moving forward!! Since then we have been introduced to a community of mums who welcomed Delish with open arms into their homes. It was the perfect time. I was just about to become a new mum and suddenly I had all these things in common with people I had never met and they all wanted our help for fear or Amy’s experience. We couldn’t have asked for a better response and safe to say Amy has been a raving fan ever since! If you don’t already follow her you’re missing out on some serious lol’s.

On August 13th, 4 days after his due date we welcomed our little boy Cliff Richmond into the world. Named after Jaeger’s Grandfather Clifford James Richmond who sadly isn’t with us anymore. Running your own business and not being able to plan when the baby is arriving was tough! In the movies it always seems to be the middle of the night that you go into labour, but for us that was the worst possible time! Jaeger is a very early riser and the busiest time of his day is while we’re all sleeping and he is walking the market floor!  Of course, we would have made it work, but thankfully Cliff played ball and my contractions started around 9am after Jaeger had done all his buying for the day and he arrived safely just before 6pm that night.

Since then we have both been adjusting to life with a newborn and running your own business, having me removed from the day to day grind and our amazing staff picking up the pieces. I must admit I felt huge amounts of guilt in the beginning being home knowing that the stresses of work continued, but I know Cliff will only be this little once and I have learnt to accept that right now my time is better spent at home with him.

In October we gave the website a facelift and launched the new and improved look! We can’t wait to share more of this in 2020. Placing a bigger emphasis on the faces behind Delish and the role we all play, because without them none of this would be possible. Stay tuned!

This brings us to December and another year has been and gone. SLOW DOWN!!….. Last year we sold 250LG of prawns and Jaeger set himself a goal of 500KG this year. We are blown away to have reached that goal and love the idea of all that Delish produce across Sydney this Christmas. While we prepare for the crazy Christmas rush, things are winding down as people tend to get away. This means we have time to set our goals for 2020. We celebrated our Annual Delish Christmas Party at Randwick Racecourse and it was lovely to have the team all together to show our appreciation for their hard work this year. Jaeger and I are so grateful for the team we have at Delish.

Behind the scenes we’ve been working on some exciting things, which we can’t wait to share with you next year.

We are so grateful for your support because without it none of this would be possible.

In lieu of thank you gifts to our customers, we decided to invest the budget into something that could dramatically change someone’s circumstances this Christmas. We delivered 5 complimentary orders this morning to families in need.

Delish will close between Dec 25th  – Jan 6th while we give our hardworking team a much-needed break! We look forward to delivering fresh produce to your door again in 2020!! 

Thanks for another great year!

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