Delish Deliveries are getting behind Buy From the Bush. Working one on one with Aussies, distributing their produce – with 100% of all proceeds going straight back to them.

Buy From the Bush was created in October 2019, allowing those in the city to buy directly from rural communities facing drought. We need our rural communities, and more than ever they need us.

Starting today you can pick up a quality scotch fillet in a 1kg pack for $37, with all $37 going straight back to the farmers.

This is from WM Meats a 5th & 6th generation farming family on Taylors Arm, NSW. Their produce is ethical, free from hormones and antibiotics. These guys know their stuff, and handle all the cutting and packaging themselves.

Imagine facing one of the worst droughts in a long time, and then having a fire consume the land around you. The reality of our fellow Australians living out in the sticks has been beyond a nightmare. So many admirable locals (like you) have already donated where they can. The effects of this crazy climate though, is effecting more areas than we can think of. Farmers, regional economy and small businesses right in our backyard are struggling.

Times like this are exceptionally sad, and devastating, and can feel debilitating. It would be a lie to say there is an easy solution. With a little collective focus though, we can help those who have been hit the worst.

We at Delish feel good being apart of this process. You’ll feel beyond great once you try this steak. You can only imagine how the farmers at Taylors Arm will feel with every order.

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