There is a perception that going to the supermarket is better because you get to touch, feel and smell the food. But that is where Delish comes in. Think of us as a personal taste tester. We don’t have to buy in such large volumes as the supermarkets, and only work on supply and demand which means we only buy what you order and we personally taste test everything – whether its cutting and sucking on a fresh juice passionfruit, or cutting an orange, think of us as the sommelier of fresh fruit and veg. We are the toughest critics and we will always aim to get you the best possible produce from local growers, at a fair market price. We want to keep things fair for the farmers, and fresher for you.




Better produce, better value…. Try us out today!

Product Name Quantity
Potatoes Chat KILOGRAM 1
Onion Brown (each) 1
Carrot KILOGRAM Bag 1
Kale Bunch 1
Celery Bunch 1
Baby Cos Each 1
Tomatoes vine ripened each 3
Eggplant Purple Small Each 2
Corn Local Each 2
Zucchini Each 1
Lime Each 1
Apple Fuji lunchbox size each 5
Watermelon Seedless 1/4 1.5-2kg 1
Yellow Peach Each 3
Nectarine White Each NEW SEASON 3
Blood Plums Each 4
Crimson Grapes 500g 1
Mango Each 1
Banana (Eat Now) Each 4
Free Range Chicken Tenderloins 500g 2
Delish price  $       71.37
Delivery Fee  $            –  
Total cost  $       71.37
Major supermarket starting with W  $       73.02
Delivery Fee  $       11.00
Total cost w/delivery  $       84.02
Difference with delivery 15%
Difference without delivery 2%




*Prices were taken from a supermarket starting with W on 27.02.20 at 11:30 am

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