Notable Newbies hit the Delish Market – Weekly Market Update 06.06.20

Notable Newbies hit the Delish Market – Weekly Market Update 06.06.20
Trying to predict the market on a long weekend is a tough one! But I’ll give it a crack…

Mandis from the south will start arriving in greater numbers next week, eating quality is awesome and prices will be on the improve later in the week. Green kiwis are BANG on! You must jump on them next week, I always find digging into a kiwi so rewarding, its that burst of vibrancy that tingles the mouth followed by the sweet finish. Prices are awesome! Other great picks for fruits next week are the usual suspects for winter; Oranges, Passionfruits, Mandis, Crimson Grapes and all apple varieties.

I’m expecting a bounce in the berry market by late next week and prices to reduce for the following week – Watch this space! Also I have heard whispers…. Blood oranges are two weeks away, personally that makes me dance on the spot!

A few notable newbies are hitting the Delish marketplace this week too…..

Tangelos have reared their heads in the market, quality is good and prices reasonable. Give them a whirl if you love a citrus explosion!

Also there is a new grape I’m throwing in the mix next week: The Black Sapphire (seedless)…….yep they are a funny shape, but guess what they taste amazing!

The veg world is a little dear at the minute, the best picks would be parsnips, silverbeet, broccoli, brussels and some local lines from Farmer Steve – our favourite Sydney grower, he’s got plenty of kale, tuscan cabbage, silverbeet, radishes and baby dutch carrots!

Zuccs, Caps, Cucumbers and Corn are pretty expensive, good news Cauliflower is on the mend, prices are on the improve 🙂


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