Live Every Day Like It’s Taco Tuesday

Live Every Day Like It’s Taco Tuesday

Like most of you I’m sure, it feels like many moons ago I was sipping on margaritas with family and friends, so when we decided here at Delish to bring on a whole range of new products to compliment our fresh produce, the first collection that sprung to my mind just had to be Mexican.

Even more convincing was that social distancing restrictions in NSW were easing to gatherings of ten (yahoo!). What better way to celebrate post COVID-19 lock downs than with a Mexican inspired feast to be shared with missed friends & family, (this ain’t the time or place for meticulously planned dinner parties!). 

So I tracked down the best tortilla’s & corn chips I could find from Australian producers and here at Delish HQ we all slapped on the hand sanitiser and put our resident chefs Dan & Troy to the test….Could they whip up a  Mexican feast for taste testing using all our Delish goodness?

The results are in….and the boys certainly did not disappoint! 

Introducing heavenly pull apart nachos, deliciously filled tacos and freshly made salsa’s – all of which you can now source straight from Delish to ignite your inner fiesta! 

Check out some of our key additions to our range below.


Get our fast & easy beef Nachos recipe here

Nachos! Everyone loves a mound of salty tortilla chips topped with salsa, guacamole & sour cream. Our fast beef nachos pictured above featured our new Mexico city corn chips and La Tortilleria Totopos (you won’t find more authentically artisan tortilla chips made in Australia than these bad boys), now available at Delish. 

Buy Corn chips & La Tortilleria at Delish Deliveries

And for the staple of every Mexican feast  – for the love of taco! 

Hard or soft, pick what you please (good news is we are stocking both! Arribah!). The combos of fillings are literally endless….

La Tortilleria Corn tortillas

Our soft corn tortillas from La Tortilleria taste like real corn tortillas should, flavoursome and delicious. And if you prefer a bit of crunch we’ve sourced genuine stone pressed shells made from Australian corn. No nasties or preservatives either. 

We filled them with our Delish seafood: Grilled King Fish Recipe (pictured below). 

Grille King fish & Chilli crab

Special mention must be made of the Mexican Grilled Blue swimmer crab that the boys whipped up – definite extra thrill factor for your guests when they see this on your table. 

Now I know what you’re thinking – you’ve got the food sorted, now what about the drinks?

Here are Delish we’re all about local Australian goodness and not really in the business of alcohol, but when I came across Rebekah and her partner Steven (who have travelled all around Mexico) and found out they were making their very own Margarita mix here in Sydney using freshly squeezed limes, I had to try it out!

Turns out it’s amazing and takes all the squeeze work out your Margi (just add tequila – sorry not stocking that!)

One bottle will make roughly 10 drinks and you can grab if for $16.50 now at Delish. It’s sure to give your friends something to taco-about! 

Buy LISTO Margarita Mix

(Margarita pictured here with our easy chicken fajita recipe).

Live every day like it’s Taco Tuesday! Shop the new Mexican range at Delish. 

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