Jaeger’s Weekly Market Wrap 26.06.20

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Wrap 26.06.20
Well Hello Queensland! 
From the Darling Downs to Bundaberg and beyond, we are very fortunate to be showered with these growers produce at the moment.
Some cracking produce is coming in, notably all berries, capsicums, zuccs, broccoli, cauli’s, rockmelons, pines and the famous uncontrollable squirting passionfruits!
Blueberries, Raspberries and Strawberries are all excellent quality, we were expecting a little more strawbs to be hitting the market this week. However mother nature sent a blast of cold weather in and the plants have had a little sleep.
Quality is still amaze but the prices will stay steady until some Queensland returns to its sunny best!
Yam, Kumera, sweet potato whatever the name, at $2 a kilo don’t worry about the name just buy! Sensational value and quality, I’m thinking it’s perfect time to roll out a staple, change it a little and make everyone smile! Which is what my Marrakech sweet potato Shepard’s pie will do for the whole family
Shepherds Pie
The best of fruits this week does not have many new faces, quality is excellent though; Mandis, Oranges, Blood oranges, kiwis (green and gold), Passionfruits, Berries and Pines. 
Aside from the QLD’s beauties our local growers are doing an awesome job too, this time of year Sydney basin growers like farmer Steve are dishing up all of the bunch lines;
Special mention Steve would love you to tuck into some Tuscan cabbage this week, it’s one of my fave’s – sauté with leeks and finish with lemon zest, drizzle of Meredith dairy’s marinated goats feta (use the oil too), and some toasted slivered almonds. Seasonal, local, delicious, WINNING!

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