Jaeger’s Market Update 03.07.20

Jaeger’s Market Update 03.07.20

As the frosty mornings hit Sydney, some may be thinking ‘bloody hell summer come on back’, but I know that this is the whisper of some of my favourite veggies!

Farmers Steve’s infamous Romanesco (a.k.a. the dinosaur vegetable) is just around the corner… So hold tight, some explosions of colour are about 10 days away.

Nevertheless it’s a fantastic week for produce. Our northern neighbours are holding the fort really. Capsicums are all time right now, awesome value for all three colours.

Other Queensland crackers are; zucc’s, cauli, sweet potato, rockies, passionfruit, berries and Roma tomatoes. A special mention to these ripping Jarrahdale pumpkins. Cutting one of these is like an erupting volcano! They are a fiery orange which is an early indicator they are sweet, tasty and ready to be roasted, chipped, mashed, boiled or whatever tickles your fancy –  they are assured to rock your kitchen!  Try my all time fave pumpkin salad, use our Meredith goats cheese as a combo!

Berries have bounced a little. Raspberries kicked late in the week and they look to firm more next week. Blueberries have dropped a little and I smell a flush coming in the next two weeks which should bring some bargains. Blueberry eating quality is excellent! I personally like a balance of sweet and a little tart kick, otherwise they are a tad flat. We test for this balance every day, so if we are on the same page, jump on the blues this week.

Strawb’s had a little up and down week too. Quality is excellent, they were just a little scarce early in the week kicking prices up a tad. By the end of next week, I think there should be some more bargains about.
In the meantime, Farmer Mandy’s snacking berries are the pick for value, tad smaller but super tasty still.

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Roma Tomatoes this week are absolute dynamite! There is only one grower I back this time of year hailing from Bowen. The farm is literally set on the coast of the Whitsundays. They taste so good, it’s actually like they have been absorbing all the beauty as they grow on their vines, internalised it, and turned it into some magic flavour enhancer. If you get on these – you will not be disappointed.

Local growers a.k.a. Sydneys best – Farmers Steve, Frank, Laks and Lee have some stunning produce only grown a stone throw away; Beet bunches, Radishes (loads of varieties), Silverbeet, Rainbow chard, Tuscan Cabbage, Kale, Celery, Snow peas and Lee’s Grape tomatoes, which are easily the best in the market. They look stunning and they taste even better.

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