Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 10.07.20

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 10.07.20

Wake up ladies and gents, it may be bleak outside but it is raining rainbows in the market!

I’ll tell you what is bursting in my face and making me love my job today… It’s passionfruits, blood oranges, yellow melons, kumquats and the biggest winner is tangelos!

This time of year calls for some imagination. My favourite winter warmer that embraces this is a ‘blood orange roast’ using Farmer Steve’s mixed beetroots. It’s those warm tingles mixed with excitement that gets you off the lounge and calling off the Deliveroo signal!

Roast chook with a blood orange jus and mixed beets is the ultimate winter dish;

Place a whole chicken in a baking tray with mixed colour beets and royal blue potatoes, put some butter under the skin of the chicken and season well. Then squeeze blood orange over the top of all the veg, a dash of olive oil and put the remainder of the blood orange (once squeezed) up the butt of the chicken. Roast at 180c until the chicken is nice and crispy! The blood orange will make a jus with juice from the chicken! Too easy.

This week poses an awesome week too for value veg!

Capsicums, Purple Kale, Roma tomatoes, broccoli, caulis and brussels are all great!

Wombok is on a ticket and a must buy this week. People get stuck in their ways and think wombok is only for a salad, however you can add it to any Asian stir fry, soups, stocks, broths or a fave for me is braised with Aussie shitake mushrooms and beansprouts! Yum!

Local veg farmer Steve has asked for some help with his purple kale (his prices are in tune with his bat signal!) Get on this if you are usually a green kale fan. Purple kale is basically the same with a slight hue change, but 30% better value this week, so give uncle Steve a try!

His other best picks this week are; beets (all varieties), Tuscan cabbage, Silverbeet and Radish.

Are you thinking ‘hey! You missed something…you said it would be back in ten days?’ Well yes I did! Romanesco is back, numbers are extremely limited so first in best dressed for my favourite dinosaur veg.

Another cracker this week is Roma tomatoes – still amazing. I want to highlight these bad boys because day-in-day-out they deliver smiles. Best eating tomato this week by far and a must for your salads, but, if you want to get your groove on, try adding them to a minimal sauce pasta. Our new Peppe’s Pasta is perfect for this because it allows the ingredients to shine as opposed to the sauce.

I’m thinking: toss some Peppe’s Pasta with some roasted romas, Meredith ash chèvre goats cheese, sautéed broccolini, toasted pinenuts, parsley and prosciutto for one of the tastiest pastas you will encounter this winter!

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