Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 17.07.20

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 17.07.20

We have seen a gust sweep across the east coast over the past week. First QLD copped the force of mother nature, and then this week, it was NSW’s turn…Never fear most produce is still on point! 

Berries from QLD had a short stint of being weather affected, however, this week they are glistening and starting to hit the market in larger quantities and price will reflect the increased supply. Be sure to look out for some berry bargains this week and the weeks following.

Citrus could not be more on point. My picks this week have to be mini red imperials, tangelos, carra carra oranges and ruby star grapefruits! Talk about a shot of immunity booster right there!

Now let’s talk mandi’s… As the tail of the normal imperial mandarin season comes to an end, it’s a good time to look for some alternatives. Reason being, you tend to get the odd dud in the traditional imperials this time of year – 4 out of 5 will eat great and 1 will be a little flat.

So this week I must say, jump on these beauties – our mini red imperials. They are at great price and as the name suggests they are small. However,  as we know, it’s not always size that matters!

There’s a trick to working with small or tight skin mandi’s, it’s my infamous two thumbs in the bum and then split them in half. This means you are not spending minutes stripping the skin. Next week, I’ll show you this trick in our weekly video report…. Watch out!

Tangelos are dynamite, if you didn’t jump on this week, get on the tangelo bus next week!

Carra-Carra oranges are a newbie this week, they are a red flesh orange that really have the mixture of navel and blood oranges down pat. Prices are awesome and flavour profile is spectacular.

Some bang on veggies are about too, Farmer Steve is my first point of call with some glamour bunches; His rainbow silverbeet is just that, it’s a rainbow… I personally blanch to preserve the colour and then saute some leek and toss it through at the last minute! Winner. 

Other awesome veg and salads next week are; Yellow squash, Butternut pumpkin, Jarrahdale pumpkin, Bok choy, choy sum, leek bunches, celery, cauli’s, roma tomatoes and these awesome small avo’s from Balmoral.

These small avo’s are grown in the Lockyer Valley in QLD and they are not only cute because of the size, they are super handy as they have an extremely small seed. You can just use a whole one and then not have to store half an avo in the fridge. They also taste amazing, best eating avo I’ve had in a while….

As I mentioned, some gusty weather over the past week means our fisherman will head out less as they are faced with 10m+ swells.

Those who risk it for the brisket will bare the rewards as lower and less supply at the market will push prices up. 

With this in mind we have gone with a sustainably farmed fish for our fish of the week; The Coral Coast Barra fillets, which are absolutely superb!

Use them in this crispy skinned barramundi recipe & read more about Coral coast fish here…

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