Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 24.07.20

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 24.07.20
This week’s market poses an array of opportunity and also some buzzers are sounding for caution (it’s been a tad cold in Queensland meaning some lines are better to avoid). On the positive side, there are some bargains to be had from the local Sydney farmers and there is some phenomenal fruits about, predominantly citrus, after all it is Winter.
The best fruits this week are definitely oranges of all persuasion; Navel, Blood and Carra Carra. Mandarins are on, but select with caution. I am a fan of the small red imperials again this week, whilst we wait for Afourers to really hit their straps. Tangelos and passionfruit’s are also still dynamite. Watch out for passionfruits they are pushing up in price a little, but flavour is all time.
Queensland as mentioned has been a little under the weather, literally, meaning berries have not been as plentiful as we anticipated. Quality is still excellent however and prices will stay firm. My pick is the XXL strawberries, a mouthful of deliciousness!
In the veg world there is an array of awesome produce for your baskets – Brussels and Romanesco are the pick! You are probably thinking, Brussels? Bugger them…well that is probably because you have an old memory of a boiled Brussels sprouts that your nan cooked you….. Forget that experience, Brussels are the bomb! I love them roasted, plain with olive oil, salt flakes and pepper or if you really want to jazz them up try my Asian style roast Brussel’s with Kepie mayo! 
Parsnips are also great value this week! $5 a kilo – BARGAIN! Roast them, puree them, enjoy them! These little white beauties are basically half their normal price!
Farmer Steve has hit his straps with his local crops; Romanesco is on point, purple caulis, Heirloom Dutch carrots, beetroot bunches, silverbeet and rainbow silverbeet are all awesome. Be sure to add a splash of Steve’s colour to your baskets this week!
Veggies that have kicked up a little due to the cold snap in Queensland are; capsicums, cucumbers and eggplants. These are all items to watch as they have shortened up this week.

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