Supermarket Price Comparison Report 30.07.20

Supermarket Price Comparison Report 30.07.20

Delish is dedicated to bringing you amazing in-season premium produce without the premium price tag. That’s why each week we benchmark the prices of our top 20 recommended products against the major supermarkets, to ensure we are comparably priced.

Each week you’ll find these in our Buyers Picks & and in selected Delish seasonal boxes!

With Delish’s free delivery across Sydney, Central Coast and Wollongong we’re proving that it doesn’t cost more to receive fresh produce that is picked from Australian farms and delivered to your door in 36 hours (that’s our Delish promise!).

Below you’ll find a total basket price of a shop at Delish compared with the same items purchased from a major supermarket starting with ‘W’. 


In the Basket: QTY
Potatoes Kipfler KILOGRAM 1
Onion Brown (each) 1
Pumpkin Jarrahdale half 1
English spinach bunch 1
Carrots KG 1
Cabbage Baby savoy whole 1
Leek bunch each 1
Avocado small x 5 approx 500g 1
Parsley continental bunch 1
Lettuce Baby Cos 1
Cherry truss tomato punnet 1
Blood Oranges NEW SEASON small Each 2
Apple Pink lady lunchbox NEW SEASON 5
Orange NAVEL Carra Carra Each 2
Kiwifruit Green – each 2
Mandarin afourer – new season 7
Pear Beurre Bosc 2
Pineapple Smooth Large each 1
Banana (Eat Now) Each 5
Free Range Chicken Tenderloins 500g 2
Delish price  $      78.73
Delivery Fee  $      FREE 
Total cost  $      78.73
Major supermarket starting with W  $      83.46
Delivery Fee  $      11.00
Total cost w/delivery  $      94.46


  • Prices were taken on Thursday 30/07/20 at 5pm.

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