Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 31.07.20

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 31.07.20

If you’re a grower and you live a citrus life, what name would you give yourself?
Well there is nothing more citrus than oranges right now, so meet this amazing grower who goes by the name ‘the orange lady’.

The orange lady has a real name and it is Gabrielle, I have been hanging out to see her iconic bright orange boxes hit the markets for the past few weeks!
Guess what? Today I saw them! We are kicking off next week with Gab’s blood oranges. All spray free and freshly picked from her farm 20km north of the Murray River, they are a must next week!

On that note, as we embark on the last week of winter, it’s pretty obvious citrus and berries are still the flavour. Tangelos, Blood oranges, Carra Carra oranges and Afourer mandi’s are my pick.

Berries are in recovery mode after a lashing by mother nature, what QLD growers are calling a mini tornado. So next week,  prices will still hold as the growers are throwing out up to 70% of the weather affected fruit (meaning supply isn’t as high as we would normally expect at this time of August). Strawberries and blueberries are the pick, flavour is excellent but if you are hunting a berry bargain that will be in a week or two. 

Pineapples are eating a treat, definitely give them a shot this week. Passionfruits are on the creep north, flavour is still excellent, however prices are firming.

In the land of veg, broc and cauli’s are on a flush, prices are excellent and so is quality  – Jump on them! Corn has become so scarce we basically have to beg for every box as it is being rationed by the growers. Prices are reflective of the last minute haggles required to secure every last box.

We have secured Victorian Kipfler’s potatoes on a pretty penny next week, nearly half their normal price. Give them a whirl next week for sure!

Locally, Sydney growers have some cracking lines: purple cauliflowers, wild broccoli bunches, all radishes, mixed heirloom beets, English spinach, Tuscan cabbage and of course Steve is pumping out his famous rainbow silverbeet, rainbow beets and my fave Romanesco A.K.A. Cauliosaurous.



The fisherman are back out fishing after the wild seas have somewhat subsided, so next week’s ‘fish of the week’ will be leather jacket fillets from South Coast NSW. These are seriously delicious and super easy to cook.

Here are my 2 quick ideas;

Simple: let the leather-jacket shine lightly toss in flour, then fry in a little butter, finish with lemon juice. 

Mexicana: crumb and use in a fish taco with fresh corn tortilla, mexi-slaw and gauc. Finish by combining 1 teaspoon of Mexican spice with ailoi and a squeeze of lime juice. Drizzle this over the top. Garnish with coriander.

Delish Mexican Fish taco

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