Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 06.08.20

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 06.08.20

Cracking conditions for growing berries over the last week, which means there is some amazing fruit about, strawberries and blueberries are the pick. In strawbs, the premium are a treat, fat, juicy and sweet. Just the way I like them. Trust me, they are a must this week – you will thank me! Other than berries, it’s really a citrus vibe still – Blood oranges are a spot on and a bargain, as are Tangelos, lemons and organic oranges. The only guy you need to watch out for in the citrus corner is limes as they are quite expensive, so if you don’t need them, give them the flick.

Melons have really kicked up this week. Supply has dried up so watch out for rockmelon and honeydew prices, they are moving on up. There is always one exception to the rule, this week it’s a Spanish bloke named Piel De Sapo (AKA Spanish melon). A little like a honey dew, a tad sweeter and whilst his heritage is from Spain this time of year it’s grown in sunny Queensland, so if you are after a melon hit, that’s the pick this week for value…..

Veggies are the real dicey ones this week. Watch out for caps, eggplant, corn and cucumbers! The picks have to be broc, caulis, brussels, beans, parsnips and the locally grown bunch lines.

The local growers aka Sydney basin growers top picks are beets, baby beets, silverbeet, tuscan cabbage, leek bunches, celery and radishes.

Local flathead is on a run this week and is our fish of the week so don’t miss out!


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