Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 13.08.20

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 13.08.20

Spring is coming ladies and gentlemen….I’ve been swanning the lanes of the markets this week and noticed the first of the Territory mangoes are popping up!

Whilst the mighty mango has shown his cheeks, It’s not quite time to take a bite! I am a firm believer that the first kiss is a tell tale sign.

Going early you will be left disappointed, so we are holding off a week or two until the fruit is eating just right…. Never fear there is still plenty of citrus and berries here!

The stand outs in the fruits this week have got to be strawbs, blues, pines and passions (even though they are a little exy!)

Plenty to talk about in the land of veg as well. Broc, caulis, Iceberg and celery are on a ticket! Definitely make the most of these guys.

Our Sydney growers are delivering some beauties this week; Farmer Steve’s Purple kale is the pick for sure! Beets, Romanesco, radishes, turnips, Tuscan cabbage and wild broc bunches are also ticking boxes in the local scene this week.

Meanwhile, the humble tomato ain’t so humble this week. Prices are really firm, as is the same with his salady friend mr cucumber. Both are expensive this week and quality isn’t amazing. Roma’s would have to be the pick for flavour.

Sadly our mate Lee and his sensational grape tomatoes are finished for the season and there isn’t too many comparable grape toms around. If you are looking for a small tomato to fill this void I would be turning to a cherry truss.

Hope this helps fill your baskets with the best of Sydney groceries this week 🙂


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