Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 20.08.20

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 20.08.20

Ladies and Gentleman, the Spring flush has arrived!

This week we are seeing of a whole heap of spring produce hit the scene in a BIG way making it a cracking week for value!

Zucc’s, capsicums, caulis, broc, iceberg and wombok are all on a ticket, so I recommend to make the most of these beauties…

Parsnips are in abundance, I love this little white super root! Half their usual price. Two of my fave ways to rock the mighty parsnip is cut into chips and bake them or whip up a little puree with butter, salt and parmesan – literally DELISH!

Mandy one of our lovely strawberry growers has called and said it’s raining strawbs! Mandy would love a hand with her beautiful snacking berries, they are a Scarlett Rose variety and are eating a treat!  Definitely the week to make the most of strawberries as the flush will only last for a week or two. We’re running them this week 2 for $4. 

Across the board we are seeing a beautiful tail of the winter season fruits. Blood oranges are absolutely at their best, as are Carra Carra, Afourer mandarins and lemons.

After a tough week with melons, they appear to be on the improve. Rockies are easing in price and quality has improved, however, Piel De Sapos are still the best value if ylon lover.

Watermelon is cutting a treat, although it’s really on the move this week and we are anticipating it to be quite scarce next week, so you will see prices increase.

Aussie grapes are done unfortunately, so all of the grapes will be from America at the moment. I’m not a fan of buying out of season and recommend giving them a miss as long as it’s not going to upset the rug-rats. With blueberries being pretty reasonable in price, I would maybe slip these in as a sneaky replacement for grapes.

Farmer Steve has still got a bunch of lines on Beets, Tuscan Cabbage, Radishes, Silverbeet, Kale, Rainbow Chard and the very last of the Romanesco which is hiding in the back corner of his farm is ready to be picked.

The fisherman are expecting some huge hauls of flathead this week. We will be making it our fish of the week so definitely bag yourself a bargain and jump on this!

Want to get this weeks seasonal best on one plate, try this out Flathead with Broccoli & Kale salad with Pepitas, Almonds and parmigiano. 

It’s a staple at my place!



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