Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 04.09.20

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 04.09.20

I’m super excited this week because the king of the stone fruit has arrived! My mate Vin (pictured) works at the markets and his Dad has a mango farm in the NT. As soon as I get the word his farm has started, I know I need to jump on the mango train! You’ll find the first pick will be a little irregular in shape, but each week they’ll just keep getting better and better. If you’re after a little taste of Summer just around the corner, give these a go this week. 

As the citrus season comes to close it’s your last chance to grab some blood oranges, they’re from a farm in Victoria and of the small variety, but still sensational eating.  

Kicking sweet goals this week is the yellow melon. I believe that it’s like the better brother of the honey melon – better tasting and better looking! They are ripe and at $3.50 this week you won’t be disappointed. Speaking of sweet, the QLD flush of strawbs is coming to an end, so price will be on the increase. I recommend making the most of these while you can, quality is still good. 

In the world of veg, we had a big flush of cauli and broc which is now drawing to a close. As the flush can only last so long, you won’t grab them on a ticket any more, but quality is still excellent. As the weather starts to heat up, It’s the perfect time to put our focus on Asian veggies. Bok choy from Cherry Brothers Farm in the Hawkesbury is on a dime this week only $2. Try combining Lime zest , soy mirin and white wine vinegar for a super simple delicious Asian dressing (add a bit of chilly and the kick will be second to none). 

I have to talk about wild Aussie asparagus! Do away with your standard bunch and go wild instead! One of my great memories was a road trip to Griffith to visit my Aunty Julie, who cooked me up wild asparagus with some eschallot, white wine vinegar, lemon and salt. It was one of the best lunches I’ve ever had and I was only 8! 

We’ve got a tonne of flat head coming in, which is why we’ve chosen it as our fish of the week. Lightly crumb and pan fry, then paid with our Kale-slaw for a meal that is too easy! 

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