Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 10.09.20

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 10.09.20

Another cracking week for produce here at Delish. We have a whole lot that’s great value as well as some real winners in veg lines!

Local grapes have kicked back off with green grapes being the first arrivals, starting this week. Prices are still firm as not many farms have started, however I think it’s a far better option than the imported fruit about.

As I mentioned last week, we have also started with our first batches of mangoes coming in from North Queensland. Whilst there isn’t huge volumes about, prices will remain firm. If you’re after a treat though, I would recomend them – they are eating quite well!

Next week should be berry nice, if you know what I mean? Whilst QLD strawbs will start to draw to a close, we are expecting some awesome fruit to kick off from WA next week. They’ll be the XXL Premium’s and should eat a treat!

Raspberries are the talk of the town this week, with a few growers kicking into their new crops. Prices have near halved and there are plenty about, so look out for these, I highly recommend popping them into your basket for a raspberry-delight.

Soak up the citrus, because we are entering the tail end of the season. All oranges are still eating a treat, my pick is the Carra carra, it’s a beauty!

It’s a wild melon market at the minute, watermelon prices are up there. If you are looking for a melon treat that is not going to cost a bucket, try the yellow melon, these guys are dynamite! Super good eating and as the name mentions….very yellow!

Also as mentioned last week, Local Aussie Asparagus season have kicked off with a bang and both the wild and bunches are excellent. If you are looking for a bargain I would jump on the wild as they are about half the price per kilo. 

Caulis, broc, broccolini, wombok, iceberg are all great value this week so definitely pop them in the baskets!

On the sad side, Corn and Zucc’s have gone MIA at the tail end of this week, which means you can expect prices to kick. So watch out for these guys.

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