Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 16.09.20

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 16.09.20

We are entering the rear end of the winter season and well and truly saying hello to the spring flush of berries….

This means raspberries are going to start to hit their straps over the coming week, quality is excellent and prices will continue to improve, definitely worth a whirl this week.

This time of year also marks the tail end of QLD strawberries. We will have a week or two left of good supply and then will move to WA fruit so make the most of them!

Melon mania is about to begin, all melons appear to be well supplied. Watermelon began the week super scarce and has since improved every day. Next week it’s great value again and eating sensationally!

Just in time, as the weather warms up there is nothing better than an amazing slice of watermelon! And the melon mania does not stop there…Honey dew, yellow melon and rockmelon are all sensational.


Citrus is still coming in nicely. The picks are Navel oranges, tangelos, Ruby grapefruit and Afourer mandarins. Carra Carra oranges have finished up until next year. 

As mentioned last week, Northern Territory mangoes are underway. We are yet to see huge volumes hit the markets so prices are remaining firm. If you happen to notice a scar or two, this is from some extreme winds that hit the growers. Some fruit was knocked off the tree, resulting in less volume and a lot of the remaining fruit has some slight scarring from the trees – it still tastes AMAZING!

Passionfruit is really exy at the moment, quality is still excellent (however not the best if you are watching your purse!)

There is tonnes of amazing veg this week and the market is really reasonably priced. 

My number one this week is Lebanese cucumbers. With the warmer weather their plants are starting to produce larger volumes, which means prices have about halved. Quality is excellent so definitely jump on a cucumber this week! 

With watermelon and Leb cues being great value and the warm weather kicking into gear, it’s a good time to whip out my favourite melon combo! 

Try this watermelon, cucumber and haloumi salad!

Aussie asparagus are on a ticket, with large volumes around, definitely make the most of these beauties.

Other awesome veg this week are; butternut pumpkin, beans, snow peas, broccoli, broccolini, cauliflower, snow peas, sugar snaps, beetroots, silverbeet, radishes, celery, red cabbage and wombok… Just to name  a few 😉

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