Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 24.09.20

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 24.09.20

It truly is a cracking week this week, produce is plentiful, the spring birds are chirping and the winners are food lovers!!!

My pick this week has to be papaya from the top end of Queensland, its all-time at the moment. For those of you who may get confused with its sister fruit paw paw, don’t be. It’s got a beautiful firm texture with a tropical taste and I highly recommend giving it a whirl this week.

You can include in fruit salads, by itself, or try something a tad different and make a papaya salsa with lime juice, mint and chilli if you like it hot! Use on tacos, with our mexi-slaw or your own Asian style slaw. 

Pineapples are seriously amaze at the moment, they are a must next week. Super sweet and delicious, be sure to dig into some pineapples. 

Berries are seriously good at the moment, blues, strawbs and raspberries. We are in between three strawberry growing regions; QLD, WA and southern fruit which leaves us with such a great variety to choose from. We can walk the market each day, try a huge array of fruit and pick the best of the bunch…. Sure to please you next week 🙂

Mangoes are eating better and better every day. Supply is still low so price will remain firm, however the taste will leave you with a smile knowing we are gearing up for the Summer months ahead. 

Mandis, Kiwi and passionfruit are eating a treat! Although passionfruits are still exy, we have been getting large fruit that tastes amazing, so worth the extra penny if you’re keen. 

A huge amount of joy is pouring out of an abundance of veg in the market at the moment.

Broc, beans, caulis, wombok, snow peas, sugar snaps, dutch carrots and beet bunches are definitely the picks next week – for value, freshness and taste!!!

Local Sydney growers have plentiful supply of kale, celery, silverbeet, cabbage, Tuscan cabbage and radishes. Give them a hand and do yourself a favour, tuck into some awesome produce that was picked literally the day of your delivery! You really can’t get better than that. 

Next week we have some delicious Gem fish, coming up from local Illawarra fisherman, a delicious firm white boneless fish. Steam it, grill it, fry it or for something different, put it in a curry. Whatever your preferred persuasion, you will enjoy it. 

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