Supermarket Price Comparison Report 24.09.20

Supermarket Price Comparison Report 24.09.20

How do you shop smarter, eat better and support local Australian growers and producers all at the same time? Well you shop at Delish of course! 

We’re not huge on boasting, but we are very confident that if you choose Delish for your weekly grocery shop, you’ll never pay more than you would at a major supermarket for our top 20 recommended products. 

How do we know? Because each week we benchmark our prices against the major supermarkets to ensure that we are comparably priced. 

This week we are coming in 16% better value than a major supermarket beginning with ‘W’. 

Product Name Large
Potatoes baby chat KILOGRAM 1
Onion Brown (each) 1
Beetroot bunch 1
Dutch carrots bunch 1
Lemon seedless each 1
Broccoli each 1
Wombok half 1
Coriander bunch 1
Cucumber lebanese each 2
Avocado small x 5 approx 500g 1
Baby Cos Lettuce each 1
Tomato vine ripened each 2
Blood Oranges NEW SEASON small Each 2
Apple Pink lady lunchbox NEW SEASON 5
Papaya red each 1
Kiwifruit Green – each 2
Mandarin afourer – new season 5
Pear green each 2
Pineapple smooth large each 1
Banana (Eat Now) Each 5
Free Range Chicken Breast 500g 2
Delish price  $      74.25
Delivery Fee  $            –  
Total cost  $      74.25
Major supermarket starting with W  $      76.93
Delivery Fee  $      11.00
Total cost w/delivery  $      87.93
Difference with delivery 16%
Difference without delivery 3%

*Prices were taken from a major supermarket starting with W on 24/09/20 at 5.00pm


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