Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 02.10.20

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 02.10.20

What a great week, Spring is starting to kick, we are shedding a few layers, the warm weather is lifting the winter frown and day light savings is about to start!

Mangoes could not have timed their run any better! More and more northern territory mangoes are hitting the market each day and the fruit is starting to taste amazing!

Pineapples that are coming from southern QLD are amazing at the moment, definitely worth a whirl. Melons have been a little bit exy, rockies are eating great but still up there.

Watermelon is eating amazing, prices have eased and I firmly recommend jumping on a slice of summer this week!

Berries are plentiful, the best of the bunch for value this week has to be premium blueberries, they are a buck more than the cheaper supermarket lines, but that buck buys you a mouthful of happiness and worth it. Definitely be on the blues this week!

Strawberries are eating a treat, I must say you cannot go past the WA fruit this week, it is at all time. You won’t have a better strawberry, these are the premium XXL strawbs!

Citrus is winding up, we will be saying good bye to a bunch of lines this week as we just don’t think they are eating well enough to continue to sell….

Bye bye to Tangelos, Sumo mandarins, Blood oranges and Carra-carra oranges.

Passionfruit are in this gap period, where there is not much around at all. The fruit we have been getting is large and eating a treat, however prices are at the top end… so you’re not wanting to pay, you may need to wait.


Our growers are in a purple patch for growing conditions at the moment. Sunshine & nice amounts of rain means great value for the Delish family.

Broccoli, Caulis, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Zuccs, Cabbage, Herbs, Asian veg – it is all phenomenal quality and prices are really great. So basically it’s a spring field day!

Top picks this week would have to be local cucumbers and zucs they are just looking the part. Zucc’s have only kicked off but they are just so beautiful at the moment!

Tomatoes are moving in the right direction, just in time for those extra salads we will all be having as the weather warms up!

In avocados – you can not go past the small avo’s this week. Great value, great eating, super easy to use because you don’t have to store a half cut one in the fridge, just use it up in one go.

Local veg lines are in abundance make the most of these and help some small local farmers.

Beet bunches, Silverbeet, English spinach, Dutch carrots, Bok choy, radishes and celery are all great!

Some of these lines are half the price the normally are, jump on!

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