Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 09.10.20

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 09.10.20

In Fruit

We are getting deeper into early season mangoes from the Northern Territory, prices are great and the fruit is eating sensationally.

If you are feeling tropical, Papaya and pineapples are also on point. There is some other early stone fruit about, however we aren’t a fan yet and want to make sure the first bite makes you super excited for the season!

Berries are the other news story, with some great growers from Victoria now sending in berries each day! The best part about Victorian Strawb growers is they grow a beautiful variety called an “Albion”. These are seriously delicious, definitely jump on these this week. The premium XXL are still the pick of the bunch, however if you are looking for a bargain, go for the kids snacking berries.

We have been buying our Strawbs from a small grower named Robert located in the Coldstream area in Victoria. He is super passionate about picking ripe & delicious berries!

Blues and raspberries are also in full swing, great value and eating at the moment…. Making it a berry good week!

In Veggies

In veg land there is a bunch going on! The staple trio; Broc, Cauli and Beans are all still plentiful. Quality is excellent and prices are great too.

Local cucumbers and zucc’s are spectacular – you’ll also get a great price for these.

Bunch lines have been fantastic. The stand out is definitely Silverbeet this week at less than $3, it’s a must next week for value.

For a few ideas for silverbeet; Toss it through pastas or add to a chicken pie or, my simple fave is sautéing it with some leek and finishing it with lemon zest, feta and pistachio – Delish.

Fish of the week

Our ‘Fish of the week’ is the local ocean perch – a super clean fresh and mild white fish, give it a crack this week!

Meat Special

Just in time for an easy school night dinner, lamb koftas are on a ticket this week. If you have tried our handmade koftas as yet, definitely give them a whirl. I love them with a homemade kale tabouli and a yoghurt tahini dressing. Simply mix a few table spoons of Greek yoghurt with a tea spoon of tahini and a squeeze of lemon juice, too easy.

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