Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 23.10.20

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 23.10.20

It’s starting to feel a lot like Spring! This morning I walked the market and basically all varieties of peaches and nectarines were starting to arrive!

Let’s just say after 4 months of citrus, this put a huge smile on my face, Aussie stone fruit season is underway!

Mangoes are eating a treat, there will be two regions supplying next week – Northern Territory and Katherine. So we will make the choice next week based on flavour, but NT mangoes have been my go to so far. I highly recomend not missing out on a mango next week.

Blues and Strawberries are absolutely Delish, however Raspberries have not been as good as we were anticipating and we are hopeful that next week, these will be on the improve.

In the world of melons, my pick would be seedless watermelon and rockies this week, both really good eating!

Very excited with the new season Aussie grapes, prices are firm but quality is awesome!

Veggies are still well priced across the board. My picks for value and quality would certainly be Leb cues, Zuccs, Asparagus, Silverbeet, Coriander, Jap pumpkin, Grape tomatoes and Iceberg lettuce.

In fish, today is National Barramundi day! So we are jumping on board with our sustainably farmed fish the Coral Coast Barramundi.

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