Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 30.10.20

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 30.10.20

As I mentioned last week, stone fruit is well underway. White nectarines, yellow nectarines, white peaches, yellow peaches are all eating a treat.

Every week as we start to Spring into Summer, stone fruit just gets better and better. If you can’t have them all – I’d go white nectarines, they are eating the best.

If you’re a melon fan, you’ll be excited for next week. I’m getting in new season candy melons, the perfect cross between the rockmelon and the yellow melon. They are yellow on the outside, but cut a bit pink on the inside and these premium melons do not sacrifice any flavour! They’ll be on special next week, so definitely jump on these!

In berries next week, you can still grab a bunch of premium XL blues for a bargain. Strawbs are also still great eating quality. The weather as well as a little bug problem however, has not been kind to our raspberry growers, so I would steer clear of them next week, as they are on struggle street.

Last week we said we’d decide on the best eating mangoes, and my mate Vin from the Northern Territory called me and said that his Dad’s mangoes that have been hanging on the tree a bit longer have really kicked into gear. They may look slightly duller on the outside, but inside the flesh is beautifully yellow, not stringy at all and guaranteed eating quality! So we are sticking with his NT mangoes next week.

In veg, torrential rain on the Eastern seaboard over the last week means that our fragile bunch lines will be slightly affected. It just means that they might begin to wilt a little sooner than expected so you’ll need to eat your leafy greens as soon as you can after they arrive.

If you’re after some great veggies, I’d be jumping on our locally grown Zucchinis – they are thick, fat, black and on special next week. Asparagus are in good supply and we’ve also got some Wombok (aka chinese cabbage) on a ticket!

Our truss tomatoes are really kicking off next week too. I’d be roasting up with a bit of olive oil and salt and pepper for the perfect roast lamb dish – simple but Delish!

For an easy weeknight dinner this week, I can highly recommend our sticky mint marinade lamb chops! They are a new type of finger licking good.

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