Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update – 05.11.20

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update – 05.11.20

It’s all about the weather… Mother nature is dishing up a few tears this week.

Let’s start with the positives, stone fruits are really starting to come in droves to the markets, there are 1000’s of different varieties and the further we get into the season, more and more of the better varieties start to show their faces. Starting to see some top notch fruit around, my picks are still white nectarines this week!

Berry news is similar to last week, blueberries and strawberries are the pick. Raspberries have struggled a little with the weather, so they may not keep as long as usual, best to eat within a couple of days.

Mandis are going to finish this week. There is still fruit about however the flavour profile isn’t the greatest and with the arrival of so much stone fruits, it’s time to pull the pin.

Pines and Candy melon are my pick for the larger fruit this week, both eating a treat, definitely jump on these guys.

Apple crops were really smashed this year due to the fires, so we are seeing an earlier than usual scarcity in the market. On the plus side, the flowers starting to show for next year’s crop is really encouraging for our apple growers.

Cherries have started to hit the floor. I must say it is definitely early season and the varieties are not the greatest, so I’m going to hold off for a week to make sure the first cherry you pop leaves a huge smile!

In the land of veg, it’s a week to be clever. Rain is definitely going to affect all herbs and leafy greens. Basically they will only keep for a few days, so it’s best to use within a couple of days.

Pick of the veg for next week is zuccs, cucumbers, Butternut pumpkins, asparagus, Grape tomatoes, Truss tomatoes, Cherry truss tomatoes and Button mushrooms.

Watch out for Sweet potato, Red capsicum, Brussels and corn. They are a tad scarce, meaning prices will be on the firm side.

Leather Jackets are the pick of the week at the fish markets, definitely jump on these guys, such a beautiful fish from South Coast NSW. I love crumbing them and having fish tacos, or toss lightly in flour and cook in the pan with a dash of butter, salt and lemon juice, YUM!

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