Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 13.11.20

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 13.11.20

The forecast is good, the fruit is arriving its beginning to smell a lot like Summer! So why not pop a cherry or two in your basket I say!

The fruit is improving every day and next week we will have a mixture of fruit to suit everyone’s price point.

Aussie grapes are now firing along with both green and red about, quality is good prices are a tad firm, but will continue to improve each week. The best news is Menindee (green) variety has kicked off. It is the most popular of the bunch, known for its crisp texture and sweet taste!

Apricots are also underway, with early season varieties firing along. Other stone fruit news is yellow and white nectarines are the pick, with a little bit of a short supply of yellow peaches for the minute. For the fur lovers, never fear, it should only last for a week or two.

Mangoes are the big one to pay attention to. There is now a shortage of Kensington pride (KP’s) mangoes around meaning fruit is exy and not at its peak. I rarely say jump ship on the KP’s, but for the moment, I would be diverting to Calypso mangoes for a week until the KP crops pick back up again.

Mandis are done, forget about them. If you need a citrus hit, Valencia oranges are eating a treat.

All melons are absolutely fantastic. I would be getting into watermelon or the candy melon this week.

In veg land, I would be thinking zuccs, cucumbers and all things tomatoes. Especially if you are after some colour for those summer salads, you’ve got to jump into the rainbow cherry tomato mix!

Wombok is also awesome at the moment, we have a local Sydney grown wombok on special next week. It’s the perfect time of year for wombok – think crunchy Asian slaw, chuck it in a stir fry or toss in a salad with snow peas, mixed lettuce leaves, avocado, mint, and a white wine vinaigrette!

Corn,  Capsicums, Avos and Lemons are running a little scarce, prices are firm so be cautious with these guys.


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