Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 20.11.20

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 20.11.20

Must say, I love this time of year! All stones underway, a heap of Spring veg flourishing and an all round great vibe!

The run into cherry season looks very promising, given there is no severe rain. Next week there are some bargain cherries about, however the big fruit will still command the dollars though.

In mangoes, it’s much the same this week. Calypso variety are still better value and there is more of them about. Kensington Prides are a bit exy and it’s a tad hard to find spectacular fruit.

Watermelon out of far North Queensland is eating a treat and is heaps better value this week, grab a melon or two!
Pines are also sensational – super sweet and delicious!

In the land of berries, Strawbs are eating amazing! Blues from Tassie have started, which is awesome news because they are a delicious treat.

Raspberries are still hit and miss… but they have been a little better in the tail end of the week.

Blackberries from one of my favourite growers in regional Victoria have kicked off and they are not to be missed next week – they are bloody delicious. 

Yellow and white nectarines are the pick of the stone fruit world – we have had some awesome varieties this week.

Lychees are also underway and we have some amazing large fruit with small seeds this week – definitely worth a whirl, however prices for this fruit are quite firm! Savour every bite!

Veg lines are all pretty steady, broc, caulis, wombok, zuccs, cues and tomatoes are all great value.
My picks would be cucumbers, truss toms, rainbow cherry toms and zuccs.

Corn and avos are in the exy category this week.

Coral Coast Barra is the pick next week in the seafood world! 

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