Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 27.11.20

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 27.11.20

Well it’s a bloody great time of year, something new to get excited about every day at the markets.

First cab off the rank is cherries, the fruit is eating better every day and the prices are reasonable. I had some fat Samba cherries from Victoria this week and they were awesome. So definitely pop a few cherries into your basket this week.

Aussie grapes are well underway and the red seedless flame variety is the best for value next week & coming in from QLD.  As it is the early season stuff, I recommend eating within a few days of buying.

Apricots are eating a treat, we have been on the Wondercot variety and they are delicious! If you receive a firm apricot, nectarine or peach pop them in the fruit bowl for a day or two until they are your desired ripeness and then put them in the fridge and they should last for 5-7 days no worries. (I like to cover my fruit in the fridge so the skin doesn’t wrinkle).

Speaking of peaches and nectarines, we are hitting our straps with some great fruit at the moment, hard to pick a favourite this week, they all taste awesome! If I had to, I would throw a yellow peach up as top contender, there are certainly some delicious varieties.

Berries bounced this week, they lightened right off in supply especially Blueberries as QLD is starting to slow in supply as the fruit isn’t keeping as well because of the warmer weather. We are awaiting more of the Tassie growers to kick off who have a cooler climate suitable for supply in Summer. We do have some Tassie fruit coming through, however not masses, so prices will be firm and the cheaper fruit in the supermarkets I fear will be soft and tasteless.

Strawberries are eating a treat and prices are reasonable. Raspberries are still hit and miss, same story as blueberries, we are awaiting the Tassie fruit to start to come to fruition.

In Mangoes, Calypso are best value in large fruit, however we have a great line starting next week for you in Kensington pride’s – small KPS by the kilo. Small seed, heaps of flavour and the perfect size for the kido’s!

One caution in the fruit realms, apples are dynamite. It’s getting really tough to get good fruit and prices are astronomical, due to low supply from bushfires earlier in the year. Avoid if you can and stick to other seasonal fruit like melons, stone fruit, cherries, grapes etc!

Veg land, poses a bunch of winners this week! The best fluctuation I have seen is corn drop in price significantly. I love corn this time of year – on the bbq with homemade chipotle mayo (or try our Roza’s Smokey Aioli) and parmesan or tossed though a salad or kale slaw with marinated goats cheese!

Other awesome veg this week are tomatoes, cucumbers, zuccs, beet bunches, kale, cauli, broc & Butternut pumpkin.

Fish of the week; Heaps of Flathead coming from the south coast, cant miss that – get on it!

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