Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 04.12.20

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 04.12.20

I have a huge smile on my face as next weekend the market is redeeming itself and bringing my favourite Mango back down to reality.

The Kensington Pride mango is number one in my eyes, however due to a poor start to the season the last few weeks were rough!

Fortunately we have seen good volumes of fruit hit the market from Katherine and new fruit from Mareeba!

Fruit is excellent and prices are on the improve, if you are looking for a bargain jump on the small KPs by the kilo.

Cherries are on the improve every day, the awesome varieties are starting to hit the markets as we march into Xmas! My fave this week was Kordia’s deep rich in colour and flavour

Peaches and Nectarines are both eating a treat, its funny how the cycles work last week nectarines there were a heap more and then this week peaches seem to be on their flush.

I would be going white nectarines next week and yellow peaches.

It’s a grape time of year, why? Because Aussie grapes are seriously on the improve both price and value…

Figs are back baby, just in time for those super creative Xmas salads I’m thinking rocket, fig, walnut, avo and grilled zucchini this week YUM!

Plums have started to hit the market, in the first few weeks there are a bunch of varieties about, there have been some amazing blood plums that I will be trying to score for next weeks orders.

 Local Corn has kicked off, its awesome for more than one reason. Its flavour is second to none, but the other benefit is the don’t use sprays, its so fresh there may even be a little caterpillar living in the husk, don’t worry we will remove and set free 🙂

Zuccs are still on a ticket, however unfortunately Leb q’s are jumping in price every day as we start to crave more and more salads this time of year.


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