Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 11.12.20

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 11.12.20

As we march into the home stretch… AKA Christmas week, the market is nice and full with a bunch of amazing eating produce!

However there are also a few curve balls, hopefully my weekly overview will help guide you through!

Stone fruit is excellent, peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots are all eating a treat so load up on these guys!

Melons are also amazing at the moment, my picks are seedless watermelon and candy melon. Both eating amazing!

Berries, well what can I say, bad weather has hit at the wrong time for strawberries – next week looks dicey for supply, prices will be high.

I would avoid the snacking berries, the bigger berries should last longer and taste better next week.

Raspberry quality has improved so they are off the naughty list, there are more blues around, however, I would not say they are at their peak.

Pineapples are eating amazingly! Definitely throw these in the baskets.

Figs are underway, just in time for those creative Christmas salads and delicious looking cheese boards.

Mangoes, KP’s and Calypso are in good supply and eating very well – so basically take your pick. If you are after a bargain jump on the small KP mangos sold by the kilo.

In the land of veg, the thing I am most excited about this week is local corn. It is so bloody sweet, when I taste to see which corn I buy in the mornings, I literally strip it bare and take a bite! And guess what, it’s sweet as anything without even cooking. They are large delicious cobs and a must in your baskets next week.

Eggplants, caps, zuccs, cucumbers and tomatoes are all excellent at the moment. Special mention to Roma cherry truss, these guys are a site for the eyes and a delight in the mouth. If you want to get fancy, confit a few vines & serve alongside a lamb rack and blow your table away!

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