Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 07.01.21

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 07.01.21

Welcome back! it’s been a wet and wild return to the markets! Very important week to be in the know for what’s best for your baskets.

Melons are eating a treat at the moment, best on field has to be watermelon and rockmelons. We are eagerly awaiting the Hay melon season which kicks off late next week. Watch out for some of the best melons coming at you over the coming month!

In Australia, Yeppoon is pineapple and at the moment, these guys are seriously delivering. Monster pines have been the trend, lots of big fruit offering great value, but even better, we have been getting large fruit that is picked when ripe so the flavour is second to none, give these guys a whirl next week!!!

Stone fruit is obviously well underway, as we get deep into the season, we see the best varieties kick into gear! So now is the time to make it rain! I’m loving white peaches and yellow nectarines at the minute, try tossing some grilled zucchini with white peaches, rocket, feta and walnuts for a kick-ass summer salad!

Aussie grapes are well in season and prices are great, fruit is crisp and fresh picked daily. Green grapes are best value at the moment and I must say probably the better eating too – they are a must.

Plums are bloody unreal at the moment! And that’s not just because we are rocking a blood plum variety, they are exploding with flavour. We have been using a traditional variety of blood plums call the ‘Donsworth’.  They start off a really pale pink with freckles, then go a dark crimson colour when fully ripe. You need to let them get real soft to touch to truly enjoy them! Trust me, when they feel like a water balloon then take a chomp! P.S. Don’t wear a white shirt!! Sugar plums have also kicked off.

Next week will be dicey for berries, especially Strawbs. They have had a bucket load of rain and the fruit just is not holding up, so if you are buying them eat them quick, but in reality I would sub them for another berry i.e. blueberries coming in from Tassie.

Tassie cherries are underway and these XXL cherries we have lined up will literally blow your socks off, one because they are the size of a small plum and two, because they taste amazing! I am definitely recommending buying these over the cheaper small cherries!

Apples are another one, basically they aren’t in season and I would avoid them… New season apples should be kicking off within a couple of weeks.

Veg is all over the shop, a lot of the lines have been affected by the warm and wet weather.

Best veg in this weather is always the more sturdier lines i.e. not leafy bunch lines.

I need to throw an appreciation to local corn, there is just no better tasting corn and that’s that! It’s so sweet, I literally eat it raw at the markets to see which ones are best! Juicy sweet and delicious you cannot give it a miss next week!

Capsicums, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis are all great at the moment.

Lines to watch; English spinach, rocket bunches and silverbeet seem to be the big ones… Also leaves on beetroots and radishes haven’t been the best but the bulbs themselves are still good.

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