Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 29.01.21

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 29.01.21

It’s all about fruit this week! A bang on week for the kids to be going back school, there are some seriously good options for lunch box fruit!

Plums, plums, plums ….. If you love a plum, it is time to get excited! Yellow, Blood, Candy, Sugar, Queen Garnet you name the variety, it’s there!

My picks are 100% the Queen Garnet and the Yellow plum this week. Queen Garnet I have nicknamed the ‘Rambo plum’ – this my dears I believe to be the best plum I have ever eaten. They are large and bursting with flavour, a must this week! Yellow plums are also bang on, super sweet and obviously, yellow. (They do say eat the rainbow, you basically just need a basket of plums!)

Melons, melons, melons – from Hay to Cowra we are being showered in magnificent eating melons at the moment, my picks this week are watermelon and rockmelon, I’m calling it the best of the year!

The rockies are an older variety, unlike the chain store varieties they aren’t grown for shelf life, they are grown for flavour and picked ripe!!!

Speaking of traditional varieties, apricots these days are similar; massive supermarket growers produce fruit that barely tastes like anything and last for 3 months. Well I have a huge problem with that –  Fruit shouldn’t last for three months and should knock your cotton socks off with flavour explosions! This weeks apricots from Tassie certainly do, they are called a Moorepark variety – they are freckly and don’t look picture perfect but they taste magnificent – they are must, remember to let the fruit soften before eating!

In berrries, blues and blacks are the pick, strawberries and raspberries are S-T-RUGGGGILING with the wet and warm weather, they need to be eaten within a day or two.

After what was a horrific season for apples last year, this year looks to have a bumper crop! The first new season apple to grace us with its presence are Royal Gala’s and there is a quite a bit of fruit about so prices are reasonable for early season fruit! Just in time for the lunch boxes!!!

Nectarines and peaches are peak season at the moment, we have some amazing eating varieties! Whites, yellows, whatever they are all delicious our fruit is coming from Batlow.

We are kicking off with new season avos too, we always start with green skin varieties like Reed and Shepard. They are called green skins because the skin stays green when they ripen rather than going black like a Hass avocado. They taste amazing but often people don’t let them ripen fully and then think they are watery! To tell if they are ripe, touch the tops with a firm but gentle grip they should feel soft but firm and not squishy!

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