Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 05.02.21

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 05.02.21

Oh what a week, sun, rain she had it all! Regardless it’s been Fig-tastic!

In my mind it’s still all about the fruits and salad lines this week!

(Might have guessed it by my lame joke!) Figs are hot to trot this week! A must, I like a ripe fig that is soft to touch, super sweet and a bit sticky in the middle. 

Look out for some bang on figs over the coming weeks! We are running a black fig this week, but Im on the hunt for some good eating white figs too, so stay tuned. 

Plums again are a stand out, can not bypass these guys, all the colours under the sun. I still have to recommend the Queen Garnett, the better of the 3 and I believe, are absolute dynamite. 

There is a change in avo seasons. We are moving to Shepards over the coming week, new season avos will get creamier by the day! The skin colour does not change when they ripen so just make sure they are soft when you slice these bad boys open!

Watermelon & Rockmelon is eating sensational at the moment. Bumper crops coming out of Hay mean that we are getting rockmelons with traditional juicy flesh rather than the long life melons you will find on supermarket shelves.

Watermelon is just a whole lot of ‘wow’ at the moment, coming from NSW rather than being trucked in from QLD or Darwin. Very well priced and perfect lunchbox addition for the kiddo’s

Local Baby corn in the husk just started – super amazing because these are normally imported as too expensive to be picked in Australia. Ive popped them in a punnet for you so you grab a box and let the kids pull off the husks to reveal! Perfectly edible to straight from the husk, but best used in an Asian style stir fry! 

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes – tis the seasons – do not miss the Black Russian heirlooms, they are unbelievable eating and plenty around so have come down in price. 

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