Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 12.02.20

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 12.02.20

Cracker week again this week! Kicking off with fruits that will leave you begging for more!

Crimson grapes have just kicked off, these guys are new season, crisp, delicious and full of flavour! Definitely the grape of choice this week, even if you are a green grape lover jump on the crimson they will tick all the boxes!

Watermelon and Rockies are bang on again this week, super delicious – make the most of these they are great value and eating superb!

Plums, plums, plums – we have been all over the Queen Garnets at the moment, they are bursting with flavour and also super good for you, one of the most antioxidant dense fruits in all the lands.

Chinese new year this week, which is making a few things a tad scarce – Asian veg lines, coriander and lychees to name a few. This will mean we may see a week of higher prices on these lines as demand sky rockets. 

Peaches and nectarines are peak season at the minute, super delicious as we get deep into the best varieties, bargains to be had on lunchbox size fruit too!

In the land of veg, there is a bunch of great produce about….

Broc, cauli and iceberg – those staple favourites seems to be a heap around so prices and quality are excellent.

Same goes for snow peas, they are sensational at the moment, flick the bean this week and jump on the snow peas as a value alternative.

Corn is dynamite at the moment, so sweet, so fresh, so local, literally being trucked in from Sydney rather than travelling the miles from QLD and VIC. 

Sydney basin growers are in a little bit of a gap for bunch lines like beets and dutch carrots, hence why prices are firm and quality isn’t excellent…. I would be giving them a miss for a week or two.

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