Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 19.02.20

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 19.02.20

Cracker week again! As we march through the seasons, we are seeing an array of new season apples turning from flower to fruit!

This week it’s Fuji apples time to stand in the spot light. Exceptional eating at the minute and awesome value too!

I would ditch the pinks and leave them out until the new season starts in two to three weeks…

New season pears are also rolling in. We have Lady Williams and Corellas shining this week, definitely give them a whirl, I think the Corellas are eating special.

Same goes for melons – it’s a week not to be missed – Champagne melon, watermelon, Yellow melon, Piel de Sapo, rockmelon, Honey dew…. Just to name a few! All eating absolutely exceptional.

Grapes, grapes, grapes – you’ve got to get the Crimson’s they are definitely dynamite! Also value is improving on these beauties.

Stone fruit, is all awesome I would be hitting up the white nectarines and queen garnet plums if you had to pick, if not, get a little bit of everything because you can’t go wrong!

Strawbs are improving each day, my picks are the XXL coming in from South Australia – big, juicy, delicious fruit!

SAD NEWS – I’m calling it quits on cherries, we just can’t win at the moment. They are looking a little sad and it doesn’t look like much fresh fruit is coming in… See ya next year ladies!

Farmer Steve has got something he is pretty happy with this week – the old spaghetti vegetable. You’re probably thinking, ‘I thought spaghetti came in a packet’…… Well no no no no gurl! These little beauts grow in Farmer Steve’s paddock and they are an awesome vegetable sub for spaghetti – see my recipe here on how to prepare and enjoy!

Peach out peeps:)

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