Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 26.02.20

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 26.02.20

As we march out of Summer, it’s the time to be thinking about saying bon voyage to some of our Summer friends and hello to some of our new Autumn friends….

Grapes are the stand out this week, Crimsons, Muscats, Thompsons, Sapphires and more! There is an abundance of sensational grapes!

My pick still this week are Crimsons if you are looking for a crowd pleaser i.e. crispy sweet and kid friendly with no seeds! An excellent lunch box addition. 

That said, the Muscat for the big kids has to be one to think about! These guys are like a fine glass of wine with so much depth to their flavour they are a floral number that makes you feel warm fuzzy like you just a got a hug from your Nanna! Jump on them they won’t disappoint. 

New season Autumn crops of apples and pears are underway, barring pink ladies. My pick has to be the delicious red fuji this week, these guys are a must!

Melons are still eating amazingly, the best part is this time of year ALL of our melons are hailing from inside NSW borders rather than being trucked in from Northern Territory. 

My pick this week is the delicious rockmelons coming from Hay near Griffith! Eating sensational get amongst it!

Nectarines, peaches, & most plums are still top notch. Pick of the plum still has to be the Queen Garnett – simply excellent!  

Berries are fairing ok, however I wouldn’t say at their peak, but are better than a few weeks back. Still don’t hang on to them for more than a couple of days. Consume quickly. 

See ya later to a few Summer friends this week, yellow plums, lychees, cherries (last week) and apricots. See ya Sistas.

In the land of veg steady goes the ship, all veg are really reasonably priced at the moment.

English spinach ain’t looking that great so avoid if you can, sub for baby spinach or Tuscan cabbage.

Few roots about at a decent price. My picks would definitely be the super sweet baby sweet potatoes and fire cutting butternut pumpkins, when they open like that you know they will be sweet!

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