What exactly is the Delish difference?

My name is Jaeger (pronounced JAY-GAR) and I am 100% committed to bringing you market-fresh produce, delivered straight to your door for free. 

Now before your mind even goes there, I have to tell you, this not a marketing gimmick that I put in place,  just so that we can recover the cost by charging you higher prices. 

Each week I keep myself in check by running my weekly supermarket price comparison report. When our prices are set each week, I ensure that when you shop with Delish, you get better value for your dollar every time. 

Below we compare a shop with Delish and a major supermarket starting with ‘W’. 

Product Name QTY
Potatoes Dutch cream KG 1
Onion Brown each 1
Tuscan cabbage bunch 1
Carrot KG 1
Sweet potato baby 500g 1
Baby cos Lettuce 1
Cucumber Lebanese each 1
Corn whole Large each 2
Zucchini each 1
Truss tomato bunch 1
Parsley bunch 1
Avocado each 1
Pumpkin Jap half 1
Peach Yellow each 2
Apple Gala lunchbox 4
Grapes Green 900g-1kg 1
Golden Kiwi Small New Season Aussie 2
Watermelon half 2-3kg 1
Plums Queen Garnet Large Each 2
Banana (Eat Now) Each 5
Free-Range Chicken Tenderloin 500g 2
Delish price  $      74.18
Delivery Fee  $            –  
Total cost  $      74.18
Major supermarket starting with W  $      80.19
Delivery Fee  $      11.00
Total cost w/delivery  $      91.19
Difference with delivery 19%
Difference without delivery 7%


*Prices were taken from a major supermarket starting with ‘W’ on 11.03.21

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