Jaeger’s weekly Market Update 19.03.21

Jaeger’s weekly Market Update 19.03.21

As always, we need to listen to mother nature & she is wet, wet, wet!

Whilst there is some awesome produce about, some is pretty average too and I’m here to help, so listen in!!

New season fruits are rolling on in and these are where I would be diverting my attention… Celebrate pears this week!

Pears – Bosc, Packham, Nashi, Corella, Crystal …. It’s the pear-fect time!

Grapes are excellent, however I would be transitioning to Crimson grapes over green this week. Green have been really good, however there is the odd softy amongst it! Crimsons seem to be the firmest, crispest and the most delicious this week….

Melons are still amazing, the picks are rockmelons and watermelon, but really you could eat them all…

We are pulling the pin on a few stone fruit lines, yellow peaches are no good – so see ya later girls, the odd floury one and it’s time to say goodbye. 

White peaches and white nectarines are the pick, but I’m thinking it’s the last week for these guys too…

Plums are still awesome, definitely the pick of the stone fruit. 

Berry important alert, with all the wild weather we need to be super cautious! All berries need to be demolished within a couple of days, they just don’t last after a trouncing. 

QLD season is around the corner and I’m getting super excited so hold on to your tights, it’s a wet ride for the next few weeks until that kicks off!

Speaking of kicking off, I can smell new season mandis, they aren’t next week but they may be the week after, and that I’m super excited about – It’s upcoming citrus season. It’s always nice to say goodbye to a season and hello to new fruit after eating the same things for a couple of months….. That’s why I super dislike imported stone fruit or citrus, we should celebrate the season and then miss that season in the off season…. Because when the new season comes around, it’s like a seeing your family after a long time away!

Veggies are a little all over the shop, the sudden snap of wet and cold has really kicked up the demand for veggie staples like broc and cauli! So prices are going to be intense but on the reverse of that, it’s really dropped demand for salad lines! What to do you are thinking? Well I’m saying if you are on a budget, use salad lines to create warmer dishes! Its called transitional eating! See my tips below: 

  • Add roast veg to a traditional salad…. i.e. roast pumpkin wedges or sweet potato chips. My fave combos are rocket, sweet potato chip, avo, grape tomato and shaved parmesan or mixed salad leaves, roast pumpkin (add cumin), orange, basil and feta. 
  • Try adding iceberg to a stir fry, you may think…’how bogan is that’, however you may not know but my family have a little Asian persuasion in them and my aunty swears it’s traditional and her sautéed iceberg, bean sprouts with shiitake mushrooms and soy sauce proves it!

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