Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 26.03.21

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 26.03.21

In the world of Fruit we’re saying  sayonara stone fruit, hello citrus, pears and new season apples!

New season apples is probably the most exciting thing since Santa! New season pink’s have kicked off this week from the Bilpin region.

The early varieties of pink ladies are lighter in colour, regardless, it’s so nice to see them and the taste will get better every week! My pick this week has to be fuji’s though – price, taste the whole bang! Jump on them.

Passionfruit’s – Well this has been the super mover this week! Lots of fruit about means prices have significantly improved this week. Even better, the variety we are rocking is Flamenco variety….. IT IS UNBELIEVABLY DELICIOUS! Don’t miss passion fruits this week, (I’m thinking of having one a day at least!)

Some early season mandis have hit the market, although, the last two varieties I have eaten I passed on. The flavour was not quite there yet, however I’m assured a variety tomorrow should eat super well. So fingers crossed mandi’s are in for this week!

Whilst we are chatting citrus, most don’t know there are a bunch of varieties of oranges. In summer in Australia we grow Valencia oranges they are super juicy, they often have a green tinge on the skin (I call this their version of sunscreen – which let’s admit, we all need in the Aussie sun!) Navel oranges which are the bright orange colour should be two-three weeks away, so if you see navel oranges about at the moment, know that most are coming from Egypt and a few from Mexico,  which the supermarkets may not tell you….. Sneaky sneaky!

Valencia oranges are super juicy, disregard the green tinge and give the Aussie farmers a crack!

Pears – I love pears, they come in all shapes, sizes and colours! It’s time to embrace it, get in touch with your inner inclusive self and try a few varieties this week!

My picks are Josephines, Bosc and Brown Nashi! Straight away, I’m thinking of a rocket, pear, feta and fresh pea salad with a touch of mint, lemon juice and olive oil! YUM!

Melons – super good week again for all melons. Don’t miss them, really good value and eating superb

Custard apples have hit the market if you like these bumpy sweet treats get excited and rip in! They need to be eaten soft and we have the best variety in town – the pink mammoth, YUM and different!

Local Persimmons are bopping about, these are newish amongst the common Australian fruits, so for something different I would chuck a couple in. They are super sweet, so if you aren’t a sweet tooth maybe give them a miss.

Sad to say a bunch of local growers’ new season crops have been washed away with all the rain we’ve experienced. Things like beets, dutch carrots, silverbeet and English spinach are really hard because a lot of growers lost a heap of plants 🙁

Best in the veg world this minute is broccoli, water spinach, corn, capsicums, eggplant, iceberg lettuce, parsnips, pumpkins and sweet potatoes!

In Seafood

Being Easter week I have been thinking long and hard what to try and get for you all to rock the best seafood spread

Goldband Snapper and Blue Eye cod are the picks for the centre piece this week! Watch me with super chef Colin Fassnidge show you how to knock a kick ass easter spread in about 45 mins.

Then when you roll into a Sunday spread and out of your seafood extravaganza we have Lamb Racks on a super special for your Sunday lunch $24 for 8 tip lamb racks.

Oh….Did I mention it’s not going to be schnit week! We are putting our amazing schnitzels on special and giving you a free Manu Mushroom Sauce which blows any pub version out of the water! A must next week!

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