Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 01.04.21

Jaeger’s Weekly Market Update 01.04.21

We’re looking at a similar week to last with a few lines still affected by the recent East Coast trenching, but others making a recovery. 

In strawbs, we’re in between seasons at the moment, being the tail end of the Victorian season waiting for the QLD season to pop up which is still about a month away, so they are going to be a little sad and I still recommend consuming within a couple of days. 

If you want a good berry I’d be grabbing some Kiwi berries. They are super cute and delicious and in contrast to their big brown hairy cousin the kiwi, they have smooth hairless edible skin similar to grapes in bite size pieces.

Lack of sunshine means that we haven’t seen as many local cucumbers and zucs causing prices to shoot through the roof! And if you’re after baby cucumbers forget about them. I’ve been fighting tooth and nail every day at the markets to get some and they are just not growing very fast at all.

Mandi’s as I said last week have just popped up. The early season varieties are similar to the Imperial mandi which is a low seed variety, and eating will get better every day.

I spotted the first of the navel oranges but passed as they were too sour. I’ll give them another week when they should be kicking in.

If you’re after a pleaser ruby grapefruit is sensational and they are hitting the floors. Lemons and Limes are in abundance so available at bargain prices.

All apples are new season at the moment, which is fantastic. Pink ladies, Royal Gala, Fuji. the Pink ladies are right at the beginning so they are still quite firm, I’d be going for a Fuji or Gala but if you are after a bargain the old Granny Smith’s are on a ticket!

Now for the exciting stuff….Cauli-blossom has hit the markets this week! It’s like the worlds best cauliflower, cause it’s like a broccolini (which is better than broccoli), but it’s a sweet long stemmed cauliflower with small delicate heads.

If you’re feeling adventurous you could try it tempura style (ah… supurb), or for a very ‘in-season’ salad: roast it and and toss through with some tahini yoghurt dressing, herbs and finish with some hazelnuts or pistachios & pomegranate (which at the moment – are on totally point by the way!)

This week we’ve got some great meat specials including Scotch Fillets which have come back from $60/kg to $40/kg so when your saving $20 you’ve got to jump on them. 

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